Creative Arts

Our Creative Arts Program seeks to offer resources and support to all Bridge clients who wish to express their current and past experiences through the art-making process. The arts—including sculpture, painting, and poetry—often become a therapeutic way for Bridge clients to work through and express their thoughts and feelings, fostering personal growth and change. 

In workshop settings, participants discuss technical and emotional aspects of their artwork, building new communication skills by speaking and writing about why we make artwork. Open studio hours offer clients a safe and respectful creative environment in which to explore creative coping tools on their own. 


The Creative Arts Program organizes several gallery exhibitions a year. Program participants prepare their work for display, write artist statements, and may choose to deliver remarks at the exhibition opening. See our Events page for upcoming shows. 

For participating clients, helping to curate the exhibition of their work often enforces the feelings of ownership or mastery that artmaking can foster. Clients' remarks at gallery openings often highlight the confidence they find in telling their stories without fear of stigma, as well as the pride of displaying their work to the broader public. 

The Bridge's Creative Arts Program is made possible by the generous support of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, the Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation, the Moses L. Parshelsky Foundation, and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.